Offline Carton Coding

Carton Coding machines have numerous usages but pharmaceutical carton printing has created an industry based on the benefits of offline carton coding. Because pharmaceutical cartons are many times constructed a specific way, they create a high demand for offline machines.

Often, pharmaceutical cartons are used for the packing of multiple packs, labeled erect and put on at the end of the line. This means that an offline carton coding machines can pre-code the carton before the product has been inserted and closed for shipping. This allows the package to seamlessly be coded, filled, packed and readied for shipment to the pharmacy without worrying about additional steps.

These offline coding systems bring numerous benefits over online coding systems beyond the ability to have a pre-printed carton in order to increase fulfillment and shipping times. These benefits mainly consist of the ability for the carton to be presented to the labeling machine in their flat form. It also increases the speed of presentation and creates a consistent and reliable hi-resolution label print not to mention it can be pre-coded and verified before being delivered to the production line.

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