Needham Coding: Which Machine is Right For You?

Needham is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art high resolution ink jet printers for the packaging industry. For many years, Needham has been on the cutting edge of package identification, now using its own research and development department to advance ink jet technologies. Indeed, the company’s line of printers are revered across multiple industries, including food and beverage, industrial, electronics and pharmaceutical, for their unsurpassed in-line product coding, identification and marking capabilities.

What Works for Your Needs?

While all Needham products offer high resolution printing along with reliability, durability, functionality and value, not every ink jet printer may suit your particular needs. Here is a quick, high-level rundown of the Needham ink jet printer models and capabilities:

  • S 1000: The S-1000 is a modular inkjet system allows you to connect up to four independent 17mm high print heads to be integrated with one controller to suit your application. The system can be provided with the print head in the casing, with it mounted remotely or a combination of both. The control box can be mounted up to 10 meters from the print heads.
  • S-6000Plus: The compact S-6000 Plus Standard is perfect for identifying cartons with printing up to 17mm high text and bar codes while the Duo allows for printing up to 34mm high characters. The 17mm high print heads are available with manual or motorized print head shutters.
  • S-6000R Plus: The S-6000R Plus Remote has 17mm high print heads with manual or motorized print head shutters. Print heads are mounted on a cable for extending into machines or hard to reach places.
  • S-7000 Trio & Quatro: The S-7000 Trio and Quatro are ideal for high resolution printing directly onto cartons, trays and sacks, with a printing heights of up to 50mm or 67mm respectively.

In Review

Needham has a wide range of ink jet printers that perform well across many industries, applications, and production environments. Here is a quick review on what to consider for your specific need:

  • Needham offers everything from low-cost, out-of-the-box printers that work on their own to fully integrated, high resolution, high output/productivity ink jet printers.
  • Needham high resolution printers work on direct printing applications for a wide range of materials, including porous and non-porous as well as replace the need for pre-printed or thermal transfer printed labels.
  • There are Needham printer models that handle various print heights and numbers of lines, and have the ability to add graphics and barcodes.
  • All of Needham’s products are user-friendly, built-to-last, require only minimal maintenance and cleaning.


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