Package Aesthetics Count When It Comes To High-End Cosmetics

Coding Cosmetics

The value of a product contained inside its package may be initially valued based on the aesthetic appeal of its packaging as a first impression marker. When it comes to high end, high value cosmetic products, the aesthetics certainly play a part in the marketing of those products. Regardless of the appeal of products’ packaging it will likely need to have some form of coding – at the very least a batch code.

Coding that is applied through an online printer is limited to either embossing or simple contact method printing ranging from low-resolution inkjet printing or embossing. Manufacturers that require high resolution printing (typically used to not distract from the aesthetic appeal of the packaging) turn to thermal inkjet printing methods. With a thermal inkjet printer true type fonts are able to be used and at resolutions of up to 600 dpi; this leads to clear, sharply focused printing.

Printing on non-porous surfaces including coated cartons or blister foil packaging is possible through the use of a system that delivers inks in both alcohol and water-based styles. Another alternative for high end cosmetic packaging includes using offline printing which can be accomplished by printing on a sleeve or a carton. A high resolution thermal transfer method can be used and this method allows for the printing of more lines of code than traditional methods.


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