What is a Bottle Unscrambler and How Can You Use it for Your Business?

When you have a production line handling a large volume of containers that must be sorted and organized in an efficient way, a bottle unscrambler device can prove integral. Here’s an overview of bottle unscrambler technology and its benefits of use.

What Does a Bottle Unscrambler Do? Bottle unscramblers sort—unscramble—containers that are housed in some type of supply hopper and organize them into different groups to be used along a production line conveyor system where they are filled, decorated, and/or put into cases or pallets. They work effectively on a wide range of bottles and containers, including those used in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, household, chemical and cosmetic industries. This includes items like dairy products, bottled water, juice, car care products, detergents, cleaners, lotions, motor oil, hair care products and many more—all of which often offer the same product but in different size bottles.

How Can a Bottle Unscrambler Help Your Business? These easy-to-integrate systems are often considered to be high on efficiency and simplicity while being flexible enough to work with a number of types of containers in various sizes and shapes without having to stop the process and do a change-over. That’s a lot of benefits for a business that provides a compelling story. But, the advantages of a bottle unscrambler don’t stop here. These are often very flexible devices that can be added to filling machines, labelers, and even automatic assembly systems. This means that it can add convenience and productivity to your business without further complicating your production line or requiring a large capital expenditure. You will even be able to maintain performance quality while taking on new bottles sizes, which often happens in these industries as companies decide to retool their packaging over time. That way, you can keep costs down while not losing this business to another company that can handle the new container types. Some companies have to separate containers using a manual process, but this is cumbersome and unnecessary when a machine is readily available that can unscramble hundreds of bottles per minute and accurately. This will vastly increase productivity and reduce costly errors and labor costs, including training time.

Here are the main points to remember about bottle unscramblers:

  • These machines work to separate and organize all types of containers into various sizes and shapes found in an unorganized hopper and send them onto various parts of a production line.
  • This equipment has a wide use among many industries, including the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, household, chemical and cosmetic industries.
  • They work to effectively speed production through accurate dispersal of containers that simplifies production and lowers costs, especially compared to a manual bottle unscramble process.


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