3 Ways Griffin-Rutgers Can Help With the Choosing of a Labeling Machine

Selecting a labeling machine is an important decision because you are making a significant technology investment and want to ensure that it will deliver on your performance expectations both short and long term. But, the choosing of a labeling machine does not have to be difficult. Here are three ways that Griffin-Rutgers can assist you with this critical capital equipment purchase decision:

  1. Research and Information: Making the right decision during the choosing of a labeling machine process requires selecting a model suitable for your business objectives. This can involve visiting multiple web sites or calling around for marketing collateral or spec sheets on each type of labeling machine. However, Griffin-Rutgers greatly streamlines this effort with resources and services that include convenient online access to spec sheets and thorough explanations about the strengths and capabilities of every labeling machine we offer. In addition, this blog regularly features posts that describe best practice methods and factors for selecting a labeling machine.
  2. Knowledgeable Staff: Griffin-Rutgers has a knowledgeable staff that understands how each piece of labeling equipment works and what it can offer your business in relation to your specific industry, output needs, budget and expectations. Having one-stop access to those in-the-know can ensure you are satisfied with your labeling machine choice because your questions will have been answered and your concerns addressed. Griffin-Rutgers sales and service personnel have been trained to understand the equipment from the inside out and know the best applications for each model to help you make the most informed decision possible.
  3. A Comprehensive Inventory: While it would seem easy to undertake choosing of a labeling machine if only a few options existed, it would not necessarily be effective. Instead, the team at Griffin-Rutgers believes that offering a comprehensive inventory of top-quality machines for different needs and applications helps ensure satisfaction among diverse companies – both large and small.

In Review Here are main points in this blog post:

  • Investing in a labeling machine is a significant upfront cost so it helps to have some assistance when having to make such an important decision.
  • Griffin-Rutgers offers great value proposition by providing assistance with research and information, a knowledgeable staff that can answer all your questions and concerns, and a comprehensive library of inventory to get the machine that works for you rather than just offer what’s available.
  • Having this kind of assistance can help you feel confident you have selected the right label machine for your business and objectives.


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