Coding And Printing on Corrugate Boxes, Cartons and Trays with the S-6000Plus

printing on boxes cartons and traysWhen seeking a top-performing printer that can effectively deliver quality printing on boxes, cartons and trays, look no further than the S-6000Plus. This best-of-breed ink jet machine utilizes the latest technology to provide online, high resolution capabilities that work for everything from small and large characters to bar codes and graphics.

The Best Solution for Printing on Boxes, Carton and Trays Here are some of the features that make the S-6000Plus the only machine you will ever need for coding and printing on cartons and boxes:

  • Print from 17mm high or up to 34mm high
  • Different configurations
  • Features multi-line coding
  • Offers a self-contained, compact size
  • Easy message entry and editing using a full QWERTY keypad and color WYSIWYG screen
  • Uses a large, 110ml ink cartridge system for no mess handling and printing
  • Utilizes easy-to-use software for networking and label creation through a PC, if desired
  • Extends its user-friendliness to installation, operation and maintenance
  • Works with odor-free oil-based ink for porous surface printing
  • Codes lot, batch numbers, or expiration dates onto boxes, cartons and trays
  • Other models available using alcohol-based ink for non-porous surface printing
  • Manufactured by a trusted and reputable equipment manufacturer, Sauven Marking

Feature Comforts There are other features that make the Sauven 6000Plus a choice that’s hard to beat:

  • This is a plug and print machine. Upon receipt you have everything you need, so all you have to do is plug it in, enter your message, and begin your printing. This saves on training and time-consuming installation processes.
  • Because of the large 110 ml ink cartridge, the cost for printing is about half as much as the competition while also offering a chemically friendly and user friendly system for your business.
  • For printing non-porous surfaces such as bottles, cans, jars and other types of containers, the optional motorized remote print head cover means that the machine is always ready to print even when the line may stop for extended lengths of time. In fact, there are some environments where the print head will remain at the ready for up to six hours of line stoppage without any additional preparation necessary to get it printing again. It works when you need it.

In Review Here are the main points from this blog post:

  • The S-6000Plus is known as the industry standard for printing on boxes, cartons and trays.
  • It has an extraordinary list of features based on industry-leading high resolution print technology.
  • It is user friendly, chemical friendly and cost friendly.
  • The printer with its high capacity ink cartridge is economical to use and it comes from a trusted name in ink jet printers, Needham.
  • The 6000Plus with the optional motorized remote print head cover can utilize two different types of inks to work on either porous or non-porous surfaces.


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