Code Reading Applications & Typeface

One of the best types of font to use with code reading systems is called OCR-B. It is in the same family as the OCR-A font, which typically appears at the bottom of bank checks. These fonts are typically alphanumeric and easy for humans and vision systems to read and interpret. The key with any type of typeface is to eliminate any type of discrepancies in the font itself in order to make the image easier to read and decode.

Today the type of technology typically used to print these types of typeface fonts are hi-resolution printers such as thermal inkjet printers which can typically replicate the needed codes for verification systems. Because these verification typefaces are used for important applications such as pharmaceutical labels, it is important to remember that the right type of printer is essential to providing the proper resolution for vision systems and code readers to decode the alphanumeric type properly.

When it comes to specific business applications, Griffin Rutgers provides ample solutions for every industry’s needs. In terms of printing, coding & marking, there is a comprehensive selection of package and product coders, Ink Jet Printers, UV Flexo printers, card and carton printers, and thermal transfer printers.

There are also product security solutions which ensure that documents are not misused. Verinetics helps to bridge the gap between digital security and physical attributes by comprehensively resolving these brand vulnerabilities:


∙ Address counterfeiting through advanced authentication technology
∙ Secure your product against unauthorized tampering with localized fraud detection
∙ Protect against grey market diversion with Serialized Security™

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