How Do You Know if Your Coder Machine Needs Maintenance?

Keeping your production line on-line is a top priority; when it’s down, it’ll most certainly means lost revenue and possibly adversely affect your reputation.  Most of the time, there is not just a sudden breakdown but signs over a period of time that things are not functioning property. For one, knowing what to look for specific to coder machine maintenance can save you time and money down the line and ensure that you stay up and running. Here are some tell-tale signs your coder machine equipment is due for maintenance:

  • Poor print quality: When you are used to seeing a certain level of print quality from your machine and then suddenly the output looks too large, faded, or is not appearing in alignment. There are a number of maintenance issues that could be to blame. This includes checking the print unit or supplies that are used to the printing. The service personnel in charge of the machine can consult the coder’s operation manual for troubleshooting and instructions on how to execute maintenance the coder in this situation so the print quality can be restored.
  • Nothing prints: An even worse sign that maintenance is a priority is when there is no print that shows up on the material that you are trying to code on. There may be an issue with specific parts within the coder, including a distance between the printing head and the material that needs coding. Print heads and their temperature will also need to be checked by a service professional that can then make the adjustments that will get the coder back to printing properly. Note: the matching of the printing material (hot stamp and thermal transfer ribbons etc.) to the substrate to be printed is very important – not all printing materials work with all substrates or coatings.
  • Parts not moving: The coder machine equipment may simply not be operating because internal parts are not receiving the power necessary to put the components in motion. This means checking the power source or air flow to see if there are interruptions or blockages. There may be some cleaning as part of the maintenance as well. Again, it is important to consult the coder manual for recommendations on how to troubleshoot parts that may not be moving or see assistance from the manufacturer.

In Summary In reviewing how you can tell if your coder machine may need maintenance, remember these key points:

  • There is poor print quality because the print unit or supplies used to do the printing need replacement or maintenance.
  • Nothing prints because the components are not aligned and need to be readjusted so that the printing head and material to be coded can come in contact to make the printing process work.
  • Parts are not moving because of a lack of power or air flow as well as the possibility of some type of blockage.
  • In all cases, it is best to consult the coder manual, seek the assistance of a service professional, or consult with the manufacturer.


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