How to Make Barcode Printing on Cartons More Efficient

As companies that have distribution centers, industrial environments, and warehouses as part of their operations look to make printing barcodes on cartons more efficient, accurate and economical, one process–mobile barcode printing on cartons–is showing promise of helping achieving those objectives. Here are some key benefits related to this type of mobile technology that has increased operational efficiencies by allowing users to print and attach bar code labels directly at the point of application:

  • Reduce human error by further automating more of the process of barcode printing on cartons;
  • Streamline operations through using mobile printers to effectively offer more barcode printing applications throughout a company, reducing the need for extra equipment or even operators;
  • Enhance flexibility in the printing environment because mobile barcode printing can adapt to numerous applications and production line layouts thanks to wireless technology and wireless networking capability;
  • Eliminate costs that are the direct result of having to maintain stationery positions for barcode printing that may lead to greater labor costs or other overhead expenses that can be eliminated in a mobile and even wireless environment;
  • Add productivity by decreasing the travel time necessary to pick up labels between stations or areas of a warehouse or operation by bringing the labels to the stations thanks to the mobile printing capability; and
  • Realize a return on investment, which is often achieved within a year.

When warehouse workers can wear these mobile printers on a belt or strap or even add them to a cart or forklift, they can proficiently barcode cartons on the fly. Of course, the design of the mobile printer is important. For example, the position of the display and controls as well as the weight and size of the printer device must be something that is convenient, portable, and easy to work with to ensure proper and accurate barcode printing on cartons. Of course, even with such benefits, a company must still select a mobile barcode printer model that is conducive to their operations in terms of the moisture and temperature environment as well as the type of carton material that the barcode is being printed on to ensure high-quality, long-lasting output. Typically, these mobile printers use direct-thermal media and accept a wide range of ticket, tag, and label stock, making them very efficient.

In Summary

In summarizing how to make barcode printing on cartons more efficient, here are some key points to remember:

  • The use of mobile printers has added efficiency for distribution centers, industrial environments, and warehouses by reducing human error, streamlining operations, enhancing flexibility, eliminating costs, adding productivity and realizing a fairly quick return on investment.
  • The ability to wear the mobile printer or attach it to a cart or forklift speeds the ability to get barcodes on cartons quickly.
  • It is important to select a mobile printer that is conducive to the moisture and temperature environment as well as to the carton material and media used, such as tags, tickets, or labels.


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