Truflex Leads To In-Line Printing Optimization

Griffin-Rutgers announces the advent of an ultraviolet flexographic press. This machine is ideal for printing bar codes, text and graphics on all types of web stocks and mediums. The Truflex UV machine is prized for its ability to provide the highest quality for virtually all printing jobs.

The way the Truflex UV printer works is that it embodies a “true rotary flexo-printing method” that brings along with it ease of use and low overhead on both maintenance and operating costs. For those seeking a machine that can print high quality graphics and text on both large, solid areas and smaller, more detailed spaces, this might fit the bill. As any manufacturer who prints bar codes knows, the need for a crisp, clear print cannot be dismissed. The solvent-free inks the machine uses are those that will “cure” in milliseconds once they are exposed to the UV curing system that is embedded in the machine. The benefit of utilizing UV inks means the machine requires no cleaning during production runs and it makes for easy shutdown and start up processes.

A Truflex UV printer integrates with machines on packaging lines including continuous and intermittent-motion devices. It can also provide a more than 50 percent boost in speed capacity while still delivering the same crisp, clear images. If there is a need to integrate another system into the mix, it is simple to swap print cylinders and this leads to shorter down times on the print lines. Because the system utilizes energy saving, long lasting UV bulb technology this also means there will be fewer resources needed to keep the machine operational.

Griffin-Rutgers has been the industry’s partner in the in-line printing identification of products for 40 years. Services include needs assessment, technical coordination with upstream or downstream equipment, product delivery, installation, setup, training, spare parts and consumables.


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