How & Why To Use Offline Coding

When you’re a manufacturer or packager there are times you need the flexibility to incorporate offline coding into your product identification (printing and labeling) systems. This could be when you’re introducing a new product, or if changing regulations mean you need to print different information on packaging,  or if you have pre-printed packaging inventory stock that needs to be used.

The print professionals from Griffin-Rutgers understand that the application of variable data to products is a small but critically required element of the overall production process. What are some issues that could arise when you’re printing onto various types of packaging materials? Some include:

  • Incorrect label positioning
  • Too costly to pre-print limited run special promotions
  • If your manufacturing requires printing a variety of information on multiple types of packaging
  • If the product requires large or specialized print
  • If a print area larger than a label is needed for a product, printing on the packaging itself might be necessary rather than onto a label

When equipped with an appropriately flexible integrated feeder, a labeling or coding system you can take odd shaped packages, and over-sized printing needs, off line in order to simplify the overall packaging process.  An off line coding system can be used with a variety of different feed systems including; sleeve feeding systems, a carton feeders, blister card feeders, or a feeder for product inserts or outserts and other packaging.

What are the benefits of an offline printer? Here are a few:

  • It’s easy and quick to change between batches
  • There is more flexibility in the system
  • Awkward packaging is easily accommodated
  • An offline printer can be in addition to the online printing capability of your production line
  • Your organization will see immediate increased throughput

Contact Griffin-Rutgers to discuss your product identification needs prior to investing in a printing or labeling system for your packaging requirements. You want to find a system that will suit not only your needs today, but those that may arise in the future.

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